“They did what they said they would do. They simply lived up to the expectations that were set and executed the process as promised."
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    Drawbridge and Jivox Deliver Omni-Channel Personalization Powered by People-Based Identity

Drawbridge, the leading people-based identity management company, and Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, today announced that brands and agencies are able to accelerate engagement by leveraging the full capabilities of Jivox's AI-based omni-channel cross-device dynamic creative through an integration with the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph ®. This joint solution enables marketers to use a broad range of data triggers to deliver precise, personalized ad c...

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  Seafood Merchandising Best Practices Highlighted at SENA

Panel featured experts from Dierbergs, Giant Eagle

  Macy will let shoppers use mobile app to skip the sales clerk, scan and pay for products

The exterior of a Macy's department store is seen at the Landmark Mall on January 5, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia. Investors hammered retailers early January 5, 2017 as US stocks opened near flat following reports of disappointing holiday sales from department stores Macy's and Kohl's.

Advertising / Co-op Accruals
Like rebates, there are a number of ways that errors can occur in advertising. We go the extra mile to understand your procedures so that we can recover more advertising dollars.

Cost of Money
Anticipation or Early Payment Discounts are another area of GALOSI’s expertise. We understand the implications and remedies relative to the cost of money when our clients pay early whether they intended or not.

Credit Memo Errors
Obviously a credit memo is a good thing unless it is paid or not deducted at all. We have developed creative methods to uncover credit memo problems.

Defectives or Spoiled Goods
Whether it is spoiled lunch meats or a defective lawnmower, we will make sure you are credited correctly according to the many applicable programs in the industry or according to your own policies.

Duplicate Payments
We will analyze your data from dozens of different angles for those pesky duplicate payments.We will also look for duplicate paybacks, payments made to wrong suppliers and any other hybrid of duplicates.

Errors Involving Returns
There is a multitude of overpayments & under-deductions that can occur in this area. We will make sure that you are only returning the goods, not your profit!

Freight & Routing Errors
In some analysis, these errors can easily account for more than half of the money recovered. We understand the idiosyncrasies associated with freight and will perform well for you in this area.

Incorrect Pricing
With today’s razor-thin profit margins, pricing is a critical area for our review. We will apply our knowledge of industry standards and bracket pricing to your benefit.

Industry Specific Errors
Every industry has areas unique to them that should be reviewed for overpayments. Whether it is conditional tariffs, tax parcels, EDI fees, deadline penalties/rewards, etc.

Invoice Upcharges
You would be thoroughly amazed to see the many types of incorrect upcharges we have seen added to invoices. For the most part, invoice upcharges are plain & simply not valid!

New Store Allowances
There are many ways that suppliers are asked to participate in new store openings; flat rate amounts, opening order discounts, free product, etc.

Payment Errors
Extension errors, arithmetic mistakes, fat finger aberrations or other possible mistakes.

Price Protection
Price Protection is often overlooked and is still misunderstood in our industry. GALOSI knows price protection and the many different ways it should be analyzed whether in grocery, electronics or elsewhere.

Purchase Incentive Allowances
This is a huge area for grocers and other traditional retailers. We review your invoices for missed or understated off-invoice and/or billback allowances.

Rebate Miscalculations
Rebate programs are common place today yet they are rarely calculated & paid with 100% accuracy, especially if your suppliers are providing you with the figures. Let us recalculate your rebates as part of our audit.

Terms Discount Errors
Your reward for timely payment can sometimes be omitted or understated even though you rightfully earned your discount. GALOSI produces unmatched results in this area of recoveries.

Trade Discounts & Allowances
Many industries you are purchasing from have trade programs that are often mis-communicated (or not communicated at all). Our trade knowledge and super sleuthing are positives here.

Unapplied Cash & Open Credits
What typically happens when you don’t review your statements for open credits? The credits are lost forever! We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

Vendor Compliance
Are you properly enforcing the policies you have instituted to prevent additional expenses due to supplier mistakes? Let our expertise help you out in this sensitive area.

Volume / Quantity Discounts
Again, GALOSI makes it our business to know of the different incentives available for quantity purchasing. If you earned it, we’ll make sure you got it!

Warehouse Allowances
Actually this allowance has many aliases but is still quite common today. GALOSI is aware of the industries and situations where this allowance is collectible.


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