“We felt like GALOSI was part of our internal team. They’re sharp, articulate and driven to get to the root of our problems."
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    Potential Salmonella Contamination Causes California Company to Recall Dietary Fiber Supplement

Recently, a Southern California maker of dietary supplements issued a nationwide recall of a fiber supplement due to contamination concerns. The product lot in question was sold through Amazon and consumers are being urged to return the supplement for a full refund. The company recall notice, posted by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), states the product is being recalled, “…because it may be contaminated with  Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal i...

Read the full story at https://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=223043

  Caulipower All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni Cauliflower-Crust Pizzas

Caulipower has added a new variety to its line of frozen cauliflower-crust pizzas: All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni.

  Facebook and big tech stocks rally as US indexes climb

U.S. stocks climbed Thursday as Facebook led a rally by technology companies. Most of the market moved higher as interest rates declined from the four-year highs reached over the last few days.

Through the eyes of their clients, GALOSI is seen as a strategic partner and not an ordinary vendor. This follows the keen business philosophy of the founding partners of GALOSI.

Meet Key Personnel

The process begins with a "kick-off" meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to first introduce personnel from both organizations that will be involved in the analysis process. Secondly, a mutually agreed upon location to perform the analysis is established. Historically, our analysts set up where the archived A/P files are located so that we are as close as possible to your information.

Gather and Prepare Data
Raw client data, whether paper or electronic, needs to be obtained and prepared for analysis. When gathering data, determining who controls the information and how to acquire it is vital. Paper data needs to be copied, sorted, and filed; paper-based data needs to be converted to electronic data; and downloads from clients need to be analyzed and converted into database files suitable for analysis. Once this "download management" is complete, we are ready to begin the profit recovery process and identify exceptions.

Verification and Review

In this analysis process, we are focused on identifying overpayments that have resulted from common errors such as missed discounts, missed credits, duplicated payments, over looked allowances, pricing mistakes, incorrect invoices and many others.

In paper-based analysis, this means "flipping paper" and comparing purchase orders and other agreements with invoices. In electronic-based analysis, this means searching databases and comparing purchase orders with invoices. In an electronic environment, our proprietary recovery software is state of the art and allows for the most thorough and comprehensive review available.

Once we have identified overpayments, all of our recoveries and relevant supporting documentation are forwarded to the designated employee within your organization for approval. This allows for you to have complete control of the analysis, but more importantly, it ensures that our clients' vendor relationships are not damaged in the case that a specific claim does not want to be pursued.

Vendor Correspondence
We take pride in submitting well-documented claims. This includes a claim sheet that can be reviewed, understood, and approved very quickly by our client and their vendors. After the claim has been approved, we then, on behalf of our client, handle all correspondence with the vendor community.

Management Report
At the completion of our engagement, we issue a thorough report and evaluation of the A/P system to management, which contains our results and recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness of internal controls. While we recover immediate cash for you, we also focus on offering ways of avoiding future losses


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