"Jose increased the amount the analysis netted in each of the years that he was in charge of the analysis; while at the same time our payback % remained the same. Jose always followed our audit guidelines and did a very good job negotiating paybacks to vendors."
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    Potential Salmonella Contamination Causes California Company to Recall Dietary Fiber Supplement

Recently, a Southern California maker of dietary supplements issued a nationwide recall of a fiber supplement due to contamination concerns. The product lot in question was sold through Amazon and consumers are being urged to return the supplement for a full refund. The company recall notice, posted by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), states the product is being recalled, “…because it may be contaminated with  Salmonella, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal i...

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  Caulipower All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni Cauliflower-Crust Pizzas

Caulipower has added a new variety to its line of frozen cauliflower-crust pizzas: All-Natural Uncured Pepperoni.

  Facebook and big tech stocks rally as US indexes climb

U.S. stocks climbed Thursday as Facebook led a rally by technology companies. Most of the market moved higher as interest rates declined from the four-year highs reached over the last few days.

GALOSI understands their strategic role goes beyond finding and recovering those lost profits. Their job is to maintain and secure, with utmost integrity, your valued client/vendor relationships. GALOSI’s track record of tactful negotiations has been their model of success.

IT knowledge and experience is what also separates GALOSI from other Post-Analysis Recovery firms. It’s time for your company to have a custom IT solution built entirely for your workflow systems, and not the other way around. GALOSI’s IT solutions allow the review time to decrease from an average 16 months to
just over 6 months. With the assistance of a custom IT solution and the creation of exact, substantiated claims that are easy for vendors to review, understand and validate, the recovery time also decreases, allowing the overall process to be more efficient. Cash flow is important, and recovering those lost profits faster can make a significant difference in your company’s financial success.

Once our team has identified losses, we implement client-approved procedures to recoup lost profits. In addition, we provide system and processing recommendations to ensure our clients financial resources are protected.

The highly detail-oriented professionals at GALOSI recognize the narrow margin of opportunity to recapture lost profits. In addition to identifying losses, GALOSI provides clients with recommendations on how to prevent future losses. Our commitment is to improve processes by helping clients excel in profit accuracy, while recognizing each business transaction as a hidden source of revenue.

Telecommunication Services Analysis
As technology changes, telecommunication bills and contracts are often difficult to understand and more than 90% of invoices contain errors that result in overcharges. GALOSI will provide individually tailored, cost reduction strategies and solutions to help your business gain control and manage all of your telecommunication expenses. GALOSI’s services and custom software utilize proven methods that include the identification and recovery of overpayments of services and contracts for: Telephone (Toll-Free and Long Distance), Cellular/Wireless, Internet, Data, Equipment Lease and Maintenance.

Tax Recovery Analysis
It is almost impossible to be an expert on the 50,000 pages of tax code that vary from state to state and to remain current with the multiple changes in code that occur each year. GALOSI is a powerhouse of expertise and results, and is determined to provide your company with the information it needs to save you money. Most of the tax code changes can even be applied retroactively, which translates into more dollars back in your bottom-line!

Just like any analysis service provided by GALOSI, you will receive a full report that contains a detailed list of recoveries and a complete review of your internal processes with suggestions for long-term solutions that maximize financial success for your company.

Real Estate/Tenure Analysis
Most commercial leases are complex and if not examined thoroughly, can often result in billing errors and excessive fees. These errors can be intentional charges that blatantly violate lease agreements, but most are simply mathematical errors. Over time, this can cause unnecessary overpayment of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

The responsibility of finding any errors is often placed upon the tenant rather than the landlord, usually within a constrained time period. Since most tenants lack the needed time and resources, mistakes are ignored and payment is submitted without question. GALOSI’s team of Analysts will sort through every payment you have made to a landlord for monthly rent, additional occupancy costs (sometimes in the form of a rent surcharge), taxes, common area maintenance and any unexplained charges to identify inconsistencies between established contract terms and payments previously rendered.

GALOSI understands that much like your vendor relationships, a landlord relationship should also be handled with the utmost care and professionalism while working effectively to recover money that is owed to your company. The benefits of this analysis service not only provide an immediate response to any overpayments, but GALOSI will give you the valuable knowledge and tools to ensure that future leases and billings remain controlled on an ongoing basis.

Direct Store Delivery Analysis
Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a quick, convenient way to deliver or receive a product, yet the process can prove costly for your business. The chaos and stress of receiving deliveries and completing a transaction of hundreds of different items at one time, even including promotionally priced merchandise, can often result in unfortunate human errors. These errors may never get reconciled, ultimately costing your company dollars that should be applied to profit.

Regardless of the transaction size, GALOSI will sort through every invoice and recover lost profits from Direct Store Deliveries that is owed to you. GALOSI will customize software for your analysis to ensure that maximum recoveries are achieved. GALOSI’s staff is highly-skilled, experienced and engaged in maintaining precious client-vendor relationships for your business so future transactions can run smooth and error-free.


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