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GALOSI is a leader in providing effective and result oriented profit recoveries. We take pride in focusing on meeting our customer's needs and exceeding our client's expectations. Through our more than 25 years of experience performing profit recovery service for Fortune 500 companies, we have received many letters of recommendation and personal thanks from our customers. We would like to share a few specific ones with you.


“I am writing in regards to my association with Jose Garduno. I worked with Jose Garduno for the last four years while he headed up our analysis. Jose worked with us very professionally and was always there when we had a question or dispute from a vendor. Jose increased the amount the analysis netted in each of the years that he was in charge of the analysis; while at the same time our payback % remained the same. Jose always followed our analysis guidelines and did a very good job negotiating paybacks to vendors. Jose was more than just an associate; he became a good friend to all of us that worked with him. We truly felt we were all a part of a very good team.”

“I just wanted you to know how we felt about our association with Jose Garduno.”

Steve Eckels, Division Controller, C.P.A, Fleming Foods

“In the past Five years, GALOSI has recovered several million dollars of lost profits for our organization, while maintaining a productive and growing business relationship with our vendor community. Because of these excellent results, we have continued to use there services within our organization. Their work is as essential to us as a Gross Margin enhancement activity as well as complements the work of our internal analysis group."

Kevin Elliott, Senior VP- Merchandising and Logistics, 7-Eleven

“We felt like GALOSI was part of our internal team. They’re sharp, articulate and driven to get to the root of our problems. Their custom software programs uncovered vendor overcharges worth millions and implemented more accurate, long-term analysis solutions.”

Mike Bryk, CFO, CompUSA

“They have been very sensitive to the time commitments necessary from 7-Eleven personnel. They do everything they can to minimize the time they require from folks. They do an excellent job in dealing with suppliers, and providing them the data they need to ensure payment is made. They have been very sensitive to the supplier relationships we have and treat them with respect and fairness.”

“They did what they said they would do. They simply lived up to the expectations that were set and executed the process as promised. Again, the way in which they have interacted with 7-Eleven personnel and suppliers has been outstanding.”

“After their initial analysis, they came back with a report that documented some of the processes that could be improved to reduce the analysis claims in the future. In addition they have provided the by store claim information in a format that’s very simple to use and allows the accounting department to directly upload into our accounting systems.”

“They have helped improve our up front processes which allows us to earn more allowance dollars on a timely basis.”

Randy Eichen, Director- Merchandise Accounting, 7- Eleven



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